Campus Life

Campus Life

Going to the B-School wherein, you are taught by one of the best faculty in the country, your friends are not only the best minds but also having diverse educational, cultural and most importantly inculcated with wonderful skills and hobbies like dancing, photography, painting, singing, musician, stand-up comedy, sports and much more makes the campus life nothing less than spectacularly perfect. IIM Bodh Gaya is one of the small manifestation of this campus life. Right from the inception of this B-School, it has managed to maintain this epitome of versatility to imbibe broader and rational thinking among the students. To nurture these qualities and provide a full-fledged development of students, institute offers compatible environment to conduct business and industry interaction, various cultural activities, sports competition. Many top leaders and intellectuals from industry visit the campus to share their crucial experience and industry insights through B-talk events organized at the campus.


IIM BG follows one of the rigorous curriculum practices followed at top IIMs in the country. Fruitful classroom discussions with different perspectives of the students makes the class room learning more interesting. Diverse teaching practices followed by professors groom the knowledge among the students to build competency required at the industry. Going to lecture with pre-preparation, working out day in day out for the project completion, late night group activities, keeping yourself ready for short notice quizzes and exams especially when calls to the professor for extending deadlines becomes insurmountable.

No matter how stressful and hectic academic schedule would be, it shapes your campus life more happening. Temporary campus has calm surroundings, beautiful and pollution free atmosphere. After hectic day at the academic block students play games of their choice, have a leisurely walk around the campus, go to Bodh Gaya city for exploring the food at various restaurants and even visit the Bodhi Temple to experience the pleasure and tranquility.


Birthday celebration becomes one of the unforgettable moments of the campus when everyone joins the celebration to cherish that moment. Those joyful birthday celebrations fade away your loneliness into a family. The celebration of culturally diverse festivals bestows the unity in diversity at the campus. Understanding and enjoying different cultures inculcates global acceptance in you.

Sports Activities

As the institute is in the early stage of its life, setting up each system in place from scratch, building the unique legacy which will be getting passed on to upcoming batches, imparts great learning curve and entrepreneurial spirit among the students.

So, it would be no surprise to say that each day of this campus starts with new struggle as well as a new hope to become more successful. The journey of this ride is definitely exhilarating and worth to bet on.

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