Executive Education & Consultancy (EE & C)

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Executive Education & Consultancy (EE & C)

Prof. Kushankur Dey
Chairperson – EE & C
Indian Institute of Management Bodh Gaya

Executive Education and Consultancy (EEC) of the Indian Institute of Management Bodh Gaya aims to offer and impart various tailor-made short-and-long duration management development programmes to the executives of corporations, and officials of government and non-governmental organisations. Consultancy wing, on the other hand, seeks to undertake professional consultancy assignments that are pertinent to impact assessment of short-and-long-term projects and conducting evidence-based research for corporates, state and national governments, and donor agencies.EEC seeks to align its goal with the mission statement of the IIM Bodh Gaya by facilitating and delivering management/executive development programmes based on the need assessment of the industry, government and non-government bodies, and looks forward to handholding and assessing a large number of research and consultancy projects in the coming years.

Programs to be imparted for professionals and executives working with corporates, governments and non-governmental organizations.

Structure of EE Program

  1. Short duration program
    1. Duration of 2-6 or for a one-week program
    2. In-company program, e.g. 3TP offered by IIMA
    3. Management Development Program (MDP) or open programs
  2. Long duration program
    1. Ranges from 6 months to one-year long based on the requirement for (business) executives/line-managers.
    2. Also called part-time Advanced Management Program (AMP)
  3. Technical Education Quality Improvement Program (TEQUIP)
  4. Calendar/timeline for the program (Jan-Dec 2019)
    1. Short duration program
      1. In-company & MDPs
      2. TEQUIP
    2. Long duration program/AMPs
  5. Coordinating Office
    1. Executive Education Office
    2. Executive Education Chairperson

Facility for EEP

In-take for
  1. Short duration program
  2. Long duration program
Stay/boarding arrangement

To be housed in IIM BG’s MDP Center/EE Center

  1. Charges per person per diem plus GST
  2. Charges to company for in-company program + GST
  3. Charges/course fee for AMP (long duration program)


  1. Short duration (<6 months>)
  2. Long duration (>6 months – <1 yr)
  3. Research project (>1 yr)
  1. Corporations/business franchisees
  2. Government (national/state)
  3. Donor agencies/development agen
  1. Professional fees for faculty members and their contribution to the institute
  2. As per the IIM BG EEC Policy Manual
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